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My Fashion Illustration 

Everything can be achieved with passion and perservance. I've always loved sketching. I spent much of my lecture time during high school sketching yet I was never good at coloring.


Eventually I went to law school and my pencils & sketch pads where put aside before I could become any good at rendering. One of my favorite achievements during my time in fashion school, is my evolution in this particular skill. 

Swimwear Mini Collection


My first Fashion 

Illustration project at FIT.


This mini collection was inspire by Cubism. 

The Little Prince Collection

Inspiration hits me in all forms, be it from an image, an experience or even a dream. This collection came to me in the shape of my favorite book, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The journey of the Little Prince: his blind love for his rose; his

understanding that love makes living worthy and that It is only

with our hearts that we can see rightly, inspired me to sketch this collection. 

Digital Art Collages

final xs a vangogh in nyc x copy.jpg

The question of how the life of my favorite painters would be if they existed in today's world, in a particular city or routine scenarios of the modern day inspired this still on going Art series.

"A VanGogh living in New York City", and "A Frida Kahlo taking a bath" are the first two Art works from this series. 

Madame Grès



The signature of Madame Grès design aesthetic is the use intricate pleating work. Using this as a starting point, I created this collection for her house. 

I mixed the heavily structured folding and pleating of Madame Grés with contrasting free flowing silhouettes, bringing dynamism and a sense of freedom to the designs.


One of Madame Grès' biggest inspiration was the classic Greco-Roman style and their long and drapey fits. I decided to keep close to her aesthetic, establishing a delicate balance between control

and spontaneity.

Illustration for Anthropologie